Mourning for siegfried porzner

Mourning for siegfried porzner

At the age of 74, zapfendorf entrepreneur siegfried porzner has passed away. From a young age he was politically and socially active in many areas and did so with great success until his unexpected death after a heart operation. His commitment was honored on many levels during his lifetime. Porzner was, among other things, an honorary citizen of the community of zapfendorf and bearer of the federal cross of merit on ribbon. He is survived by his wife rosmarie and three children.

When siegfried porzner was born in zapfendorf in 1939 as the sprob of an old-established business family, the community still belonged to the district of (bad) staffelstein. Even as a young man, the deceased was politically active and was the district chairman of the young union until the district area reform in 1972. When it became clear that zapfendorf would then belong to the district of bamberg, he and like-minded people founded the zapfendorf CSU local association. The then 33-year-old was elected to the municipal council and the district council of bamberg, where he remained until 1990. He was a member of the city council until 2008, a total of 30 years. For his services, the community of zapfendorf named siegfried porzner an honorary burger after his retirement.

He took over the family business together with his brother hans for their father, who died early in the 1960s. Both extended the company, which mines sand and gravel in the main valley, continuously. Numerous functions, among others at the chamber of industry and commerce and the industry and trade committee, testify to siegfried porzner’s commitment to the associations. Until the end, he was a member of the executive board of the sand and gravel division of the bavarian industry association – since 1972. The company’s exemplary environmental performance was praised several times. For example, the porzner company has been awarded the german restoration prize for the near-natural design of quarry ponds several times. Porzner has always impressed his fellow men with his helpfulness and his coarseness. He was therefore a welcome member of many associations.

Kulturring in ebern sends calls for help to the district administration office

Kulturring in ebern sends calls for help to the district administration office

When it comes to his cultural ring, eberhard seems to regularly get into the black. At the end of a 40-year period. "Jubilee year", in which the cultural ring held a "day of clubs" impressively showed his diversity and strength.

"We have managed to carry out an action or event almost every month, which has benefited the burghers and guests" the chairman, who is not just leading an association, but an amalgamation of 105 groups and institutions, explained. This includes the gymnastics club with more than 1000 members as well as the church congregations, the "iglauer sprachinsel" community, and the "iglauer sprachinsel" community or the new equestrian therapy center. "40 years of the kulturring success story – we will ensure that it continues successfully" probably promised.

Criticism of the district administration

Experts search for cause of deflagration in teutschenthal

Experts search for cause of deflagration in teutschenthal

After the deflagration at the teutschenthal mine in saxony-anhalt, the search for the cause continues over the weekend.

Experts from the state office for geology and mining had started investigating the causes immediately after the accident on friday, according to the ministry of economics.

The deflagration in the saale district caused minor injuries to a 24-year-old man and serious injuries to a 44-year-old man. They were recovered by the mine rescue team immediately after the incident. In addition, more than 30 men had to wait several hours underground before they could leave the pit unharmed.

Less islamist “danger”

Less Islamist 'danger' - gdp:no all-clear

The police currently classify far fewer islamists as a danger than last year. According to a request from the federal ministry of the interior, at the beginning of november the authorities identified 679 so-called dangerous persons in the islamist spectrum throughout germany.

For comparison: in july 2018, the police had still classified 774 people accordingly. Interior experts explain the decline among other things with higher investigative pressure. The police union (gdp) warned on saturday, however, not to infer from the reduced number also a reduced risk of attack.

In the field of politically motivated crime, the security authorities describe people as a threat if they believe that they are capable of committing serious acts of violence, including terrorist attacks. According to a response from the federal government to an FDP inquiry, in november the authorities paid for 46 right-wing extremists and 5 left-wing extremists, in addition to the islamists. In addition, 21 dangers from the area of "foreign ideology". According to the federal ministry of the interior, this often involves the "conflict relationship between nationalist turks and kurds/PKK supporters".

How strong is the is terror militia today??

How strong is the is terror militia today??

When U.S. Special forces tracked down abu bakr al-baghdadi’s hideout in syria, it didn’t take long for a new leader to emerge from the islamic state (IS).

After the death of the world’s most wanted and feared terrorist in the fall of 2019, abu ibrahim al-hashimi al-kuraishi became head of the terrorist militia. USA bounty on head: 10 million dollars.

In its former territory in syria and iraq, the IS has weakened. For this he has opened new fronts in west, north and east africa as well as in parts of asia. Influence reaches as far as sri lanka and the philippines. There, disaffiliates have pledged allegiance. More than 250 people were killed in the easter attacks on several churches and luxury hotels in sri lanka in april 2019. IS also claimed this attack for itself.

Pesic on course with german basketball players

Pesic on course with german basketball players

With the expected clear 101:53 against the crass group aubenseiter the selection of the german basketball federation (DBB) mastered the nearly 40 degrees paired with sticky air on saturday evening however with bravura and put down a good start into the qualification for the european championship 2013 in slovenia – also without the leading wolf dirk nowitzki, who is taking a break this summer.

"As competitive athletes, we sweat anyway," said TBB trier set-up man bastian doreth calmly about the sauna atmosphere in front of 2566 spectators. The 23-year-old is one of many who are now in the spotlight after missing out on olympic qualification last year. The new national coach, svetislav pesic, is consistently relying on youth, which is why there are only three professionals in the squad for the elimination round who are over 25 years old.

"The young ones are making a hell of a lot of spab," said DBB president ingo weiss after the new generation’s first mandatory game. The german team only struggled a little at the beginning against the unorthodox luxembourg team with its many small players. Then the hosts got into the swing of things and celebrated a convincing victory.

Vocational school to become fit for the future

Vocational school to become fit for the future

At its meeting on wednesday in the district administration office, the school, culture and sports committee of the kronach district council recommended to the kronach district council that it adopt a basic resolution for the general renovation of the lorenz-kaim school (state vocational school) in kronach. Principal rudolf schirmer presented the future concept of the vocational school at the request of district administrator klaus loffler.

The vocational school of the future, vocational school 5.0, as the director calls it, is in its structure an image of a company. This means that the focus of the new spatial concept will be on integrated specialist rooms in which different professional groups communicate with each other, just like in the company itself.

The "integrative vocational training envisages three pillars: core qualification (all industrial apprenticeships), advanced qualification (all metal/electrical occupations), both cross-occupational, and the additional qualification, occupation-specific (industrial mechanic). Tomorrow’s vocational school will be based on a completely different curriculum than 40 or 50 years ago, when the existing building was planned.

Quarters for rare species

When the first bats visit their roosts in october, they will find renovated winter quarters in the old beer cellar in einraffshof. The beer cellars of the abandoned brewery, which burned down in 1916, have largely collapsed, but the front part is an excellent winter roost for bats.
At a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees and a humidity of almost 100 percent, the animals can hibernate in peace. "Such winter quarters are in short supply in the vorrhon", explains ulf zeidler, honorary chairman of the district group of the federation for nature conservation, which leased the beer cellar more than 30 years ago and thus secured important habitat for the bats.
During hibernation, disturbances can be life-threatening for animals, as they then wake up, their body temperature rises again and their food reserves are depleted prematurely. Even in the summer months, the bats have problems in our intensively used landscape. The food supply of insects is visibly decreasing and summer quarters in buildings are disappearing due to renovations. Suitable winter quarters like those in einraffshof are therefore all the more important.
Since 1983, the bat population has been recorded and evaluated here by experts from the university of erlangen and local nature conservationists during the winter months. In february 2017, for example, a total of 52 hibernating specimens were identified; in addition to the numerous coarse mouse-eared bats, these included rare and endangered species such as the brown long-eared bat, water bat, bearded bat, bechstein’s bat and fringed bat.
The tooth of time has now also gnawed on the old wall and the access to the basement threatened to collapse. The upper nature conservation authority at the government of lower franconia therefore saw a need for action. The renovation work is being carried out by the bad kissingen landscape conservation association, with 70 percent of the costs of 18,000 euros being borne by the state of bavaria. "Thankfully, the district not only pays the usual 15 percent, but all the remaining costs, according to aglaia abel, managing director of the landscape conservation association. She makes sure that the craftsmen leave enough gaps in the new masonry so that the bats will find enough hiding places when they move in in october to survive the upcoming rhon winter well.

“Really proud”: landin and danemark world champions again

Even a throw right in the face shortly before the end couldn’t stop niklas landin: in the dressing room of the danish handball players, the once again outstanding goalkeeper of THW kiel shouted out his joy at winning the world championship in agypt with relief.

In the rain of confetti after the 26:24 (13:13) victory over sweden in the scandinavian final, the 32-year-old and his teammates lifted the golden world championship trophy to the heights of the almost empty hall in cairo shortly afterwards.

"I’m really proud of this team," said landin. "We didn’t have that many moments where we threw away balls or got penalties. We fight like a team."Coach nikolaj jacobsen also gave his all on the sidelines and sat exhausted in his chair after the game. "I’m a mude," the former bundesliga pro admitted with a laugh. "This was a fantastic piece of work."

Two plays, one evening, one price

Two plays, one evening, one price

Michael bush

the mood is good. Even if it is "only" one week to go. The mood is good, as can be seen from peter vogel, one of the supervisors of the lower school theater group. Shortly before the complete run of the play, the technology calls out to the whirling teacher: "mr. Vogel, we have a problem here!" Who answers immediately: "very good, i love problems!"
Problems are there to be solved, this attitude was necessary from the beginning. Because when it was announced that the lower school wanted to put in a new theater piece, "somehow there were too many actors," said, said ulrike deavin-spindler.

Then it will simply be two

And so the idea was quickly born that they would simply put on two pieces with two teams. Who plays where was chosen by the possibility to participate in the training sessions.
As a result, one troupe chose matthias weibert’s stucco "woe to him who zaps to perform. Deavin-spindler and ute docter, a former pupil of the gymnasium and currently a student, brought the play closer to the pupils of the fifth and sixth classes. The spectators can expect on the performance dates on the 8., 9. And 10. June in the auditorium a spooky comedy.
Three children have taken their television set apart and are "dragged into the picture" as punishment. In their search for the missing pieces they meet pippi longstocking, the sheriff of notthingham, dracula, the fairy tinkerbell, asterix and obelix and many other tv characters. Ultimately, the journey is about the question of whether good or bad wins. Exciting developments provide the appropriate thrill, pointed dialogues for many laughs.
The teachers peter vogel and uta hacker took over the direction of the play "the motive – almost like agatha christie". Together with the first group this piece will be performed in the coming week. Who wants to see both plays, has the possibility to get admission from 18 o’clock, acting is from 18.30 o’clock.
Pure excitement is guaranteed at this performance. The content in short and without giving too much away: grandma poth likes to read detective stories. With her incredible criminalistic knowledge, she answered the 16,000 euro question in a quiz show and, as a result of winning, afforded herself a stay at the luxury hotel fioro di grande together with her own daughter and two granddaughters.
It’s worth seeing that things are going haywire there, that there are dubious guests on the loose and that no one really knows what the room at 143 is all about. But a terrible crime finally tops it all…
For several weeks the more than 20 students have been rehearsing intensively. The directors are sure that everything will go well. Not least the technology working in the background (three teachers) will contribute their part to it. Schoolchildren pay for the evening with two pieces three euro entrance fee, adults five euro.

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